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October 22, 2015
50 Hotel Photos from the Galapagos Islands
Entrance to Iguana Crossing Hotel

Have you ever wondered what kind of hotels are in the Galapagos Islands? View our hotel photos from Puerto Ayora, Puerto Villamil, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and Puerto Velasco Ibarra on the following pages.

Perhaps you didn’t even you even know that you can stay in a variety of family-run, boutique style hotels in the Galapagos, instead of staying on a cruise ship?

There are four islands in the Galapagos that are inhabited and have hotels and guest houses to stay in. Options range from small family B&B type of experiences, to lively backpacker hostels, to comfortable family-friendly beachfront buildings and upscale eco-hotels. (For those that are curious, the photo featured at the top of this post is from Iguanas Crossing in Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island.)

Overall, hotels in the Galapagos are still strictly limited to small sizes, typically 20 rooms or fewer. There are no large-scale resorts or 100+ room type of hotel options in the Galapagos. This means each hotel looks and feels unique. Some of the most interesting places to stay are on the same property where the owners live, and some Galapagos accommodations offer unique architecture or sleeping experiences.

People are surprised that accommodation options in the Galapagos are more comfortable than they expected. Almost all places offer air-conditioned rooms, some hotels have pools or bars and most have Wi-Fi that works (but is almost always slow!)

We often get asked what hotels people will stay at on their Galakiwi tour. Chances are it will include some of the hotels pictured at the end of this post! Because the hotels we use are all quite small, with as few as 5 or 6 rooms, they can sell out ahead of time at any time of year. All this means is that we have multiple hotel options on each island.

Sometimes travelers on private tours want the best-available hotel options, while our student tour groups often only need simple accommodations with shared rooms. By using multiple hotels we help spread the business around to many different local families here in the Galapagos, plus our staff and Naturalist Guides get to personally ensure each hotel is keeping things up to the high standards that our travelers expect.

On our regular Galakiwi tours, we stay in standard level hotels and give travelers the option to upgrade their hotels (ahead of time), if they want a little extra comfort to match their personal needs.

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Check out the following pages, which showcase photos of many of our favorite hotels to stay at in the Galapagos Islands.

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