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Privacy Policy

Being able to trust the companies you travel with is a critical part of enjoying your time away from home. At Galakiwi we realize that part of that trust building is in how we ensure that your personal information shared with us is kept private.

This privacy policy outlines how we may collect information when you use our website and related services. It also outlines how we keep your information safe. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact us or send us an email at info@galakiwi.com.

What information do we collect? How do we collect it?
When you complete one of our online forms to book a tour, request a quote or ask us a question, we collect some personal information that is important for us to provide you with a proper response to your query. We may also collect this information when you call us by phone, have a Skype call with us, visit our office or send us a direct email. In most cases your name and email address are collected; while optional information about your travel preferences may also be collected, based on what information you provide with us. We may also receive information from other tour companies or travel partners with whom you have booked your tour through.

While on a Galakiwi tour, our staff and guides may take pictures of you and the group, which could be used in future advertising materials including videos, photo slideshows, brochures, print ads or audio recordings. As a traveler on a Galakiwi tour, you have agreed to these conditions upon signing our booking conditions to confirm your tour. If for any reason you want to opt-out of this inclusion, please contact us.

We use the information received to continuously improve your tour experience, and the experience of future travelers. Feedback before, during and after your tour is essential in our efforts to provide the best service possible.


We may collect your name, email, address, phone number and/or skype username as required to provide reservations support and travel services for you.

Upon booking tours with Galakiwi, additional information is required, this may include health, dietary and passport details. This information is used to confirm travel services and to ensure we can offer the safest travel experience for you.

Use of Data

Galakiwi will use your data to provide required travel services related to tour bookings. This data may also be used to provide improved customer support, to send you news, email offers and updates about Galakiwi, or to inform you about any changes in services provided by Galakiwi.

Retention of Data

We will maintain records of your data for as long as is required to provide the services and updates as outlined above. Data may be required for legal obligatiosn or business growth plans, such as determining new destinations and offers for future travel services. There is no set expiry date on data collected by Galakiwi.

Access your Information
If your contact details have changed, you can inform us of any changes by emailing us at info@galakiwi.com, you may also request, at any time, to see what personal details Galakiwi has on file for you.

Third Party Disclosure
Galakiwi does not share, sell or provide your information to any other parties, partners or suppliers unless it is required for the operation of our tours; or if we are legally obligated to.

Privacy Contact
If you require further information on this privacy policy or our use of cookies, please contact us at any time.

Cookies Policy

You can view our policy on cookie / browser tracking usage here.

 Data Rights under GDPR

For residents of the European Economic Area, you have additional rights about learning or controllign what data we have on you. This includes, but is not limited to: your right to object, rectify, update, delete or withdraw consent. 

  • Kath Silvester, New Zealand - 10-day Galapagos Adventure, May 2017
    The x-factor with Galakiwi's tour, being land-based, is the insight you get into real life on the Galapagos. This was what lifted our trip beyond the expected 'trip of a lifetime' to see the natural sights of the Galapagos, to a really meaningful (though short!) experience in another country and culture.
    Kath Silvester, New Zealand
    10-day Galapagos Adventure, May 2017
  • Alison Gray, New Zealand - 6-day Land Galapagos Tour, March 2016
    We had a great land-based trip with Galakiwi -it as fun being ashore at night and wandering among the wildlife and with the locals in the street. And staying on an extra couple of days gave us time by ourselves but with full support from the Galakiwi team when we wanted it. The best of both worlds with a great professional approach. Thanks heaps as they say in NZ!
    Alison Gray, New Zealand
    6-day Land Galapagos Tour, March 2016
  • Jamie Jacobs, November 2015 - 10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour
    While I knew I would enjoy the Galapagos, the trip with Galakiwi became for me the highlight of our South American travels.
    Jamie Jacobs, November 2015
    10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour
  • Chi & Jay, New Zealand - Custom Ecuador & Galapagos Wedding Tour
    We just wanted to write a quick note to say a massive thank you to everyone in Galakiwi who have helped make this trip so memorable for us. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed it.
    Chi & Jay, New Zealand
    Custom Ecuador & Galapagos Wedding Tour
  • Chris Urquhart, Canada - 10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour, June 2016
    We spent a month in South America and our time in the Galapagos was the highlight. There were new delightful surprises multiple times a day. Our guide, Pablo, shared his enthusiasm with us and kept us entertained with great stories and fascinating information each and every day. The land based tour from Galakiwi was definitely the right choice. We have spoken to others that took ship based tours and we feel that we made a great choice with Galakiwi. It was the trip of a lifetime!
    Chris Urquhart, Canada
    10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour, June 2016
  • Duly Lee, USA - Custom Galapagos Family Tour
    I had been planning a trip with my family for ages, and when the idea to go to Galapagos emerged, I thought what a better place to reunite with family and induce some very needed bonding opportunity. The fantastic natural setting was super conductive to this goal, but if it wasn't for GALAKIWI's immaculate service and attention it wouldn't have happened. So thanks to you guys for everything!
    Duly Lee, USA
    Custom Galapagos Family Tour
  • Larry Katz, USA - 10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour, December 2015
    We are three couples with different interests and abilities, but the trip was great for all of us. The activities were a blast, our guide was top-notch and everything went just as we had hoped. We really loved it and would highly recommend Galakiwi to anyone thinking of a land-based Galapagos trip.
    Larry Katz, USA
    10-day Galapagos Adventure Tour, December 2015
  • Rachel Mundy, New Zealand - Galapagos Biking Tour
    The Galapagos mountain biking adventure trip was an amazing experience. Having to dodge a giant tortoise in the middle of the road is not something that happens every day. A great way to see these beautiful and unique islands in a slightly more detailed way.
    Rachel Mundy, New Zealand
    Galapagos Biking Tour
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