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March 27, 2017
7 Places to Eat in the Galapagos Islands not on TripAdvisor
Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant in Galapagos

What are some of the websites you turn to first when researching where to go to eat in a new city? Most likely one of them is TripAdvisor.

But, in places like the Galapagos Islands, old-fashioned word of mouth, and local (instead of traveler) knowledge still reigns supreme.

It would be easy for us to rhyme off a dozen or more places to eat here in the islands that are not listed on TripAdvisor, but for this list we’ll stick to some of the more popular ones which cater more to traveler tastes than local cuisine.

Of course, now that we’ve shared this information…they’re bound to pop up on the site sooner than later.

Mi Grande Cafeteria

Mi Grande Cafeteria in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Cabaña Mi Grande

Island: San Cristobal

Location: On Jose de Villamil, a side street off the waterfront. Second level place, go up the narrow staircase.

Specializing in “fast food and milkshakes”. This place has been around for years. It used to be the best place for burgers on San Cristobal, back when Calypso was the only other real option. Need a decent breakfast? This is a good option.

Tostadas, empanadas, fruit juices, milkshakes and batidos are all solid options here. The batidos are some of the best around and depending what fruits are in season you may get some interesting flavors.

Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant

Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno


Island: San Cristobal

Location: In Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. At the end of waterfront boulevard, past Calypso, behind the blue “boat” that sometimes serves as a souvenir shop.

Good Italian food in the Galapagos! While everywhere seems to offer pizza in the Galapagos, this fairly new restaurant serves up more than the typical dishes, and they’re all super tasty. Pasta, calzone, deep dish pizza and more.

The owner is originally from Toronto, Canada and also teaches English on the island when not cooking up tasty meals.

This is truly a welcome change of pace from any other restaurants on San Cristobal Island.

The Hauser’s Restaurant

Island: Isabela

Location: Outside of Puerto Villamil. A 20+ minute taxi ride to a private farm in the highlands.

Up in the highlands of Isabela, hidden down a dirt road, is a place you’d never find or see on your own. This impressive property is home to Bert & Yvette Hauser, who happen to run the best restaurant in the Galapagos.

You read that right; the best restaurant in the Galapagos Islands is not on Trip Advisor.

They have a beautiful dining room setup, with a fine selection of wine. It’s a wonderful setting away from the town and the kind of place that is the setting for many special occasion events on Isabela.

If you arrive early enough, a walk around their farm and land may be possible to see all the fruits and plants that grow in the lush surroundings.

Definitely a unique dining experience for the Galapagos, and one that you won’t find in most travel books, or TripAdvisor. Before you go, you’ll need to call ahead. This is a reservations-only type of place that isn’t always open for lunch or dinner, as you’re visiting their private property. Generally a larger group, or a few small groups, of people are required for them to be open.

El Puerto Creperie

Island: San Cristobal

Location: One street up from the waterfront. Turn up the street just before Calypso.

Crepes, desserts, coffee, treats. An open space that is very inviting. This place should be constantly busy, but is usually pretty quiet, perhaps because most people haven’t discovered it yet as it is so new. This is a coffee lounge more than anything; so don’t come here looking for full meals. Come here for desserts or a small snack.

While they’re not on the waterfront, they’re close and make up for it with a nice beverages menu. They even have a candyfloss machine (which may or may not be in use.)

Check them out as a place to go after you’ve had dinner elsewhere, or if you’re only looking for something small.

Midori, on San Cristobal Island (Not Santa Cruz Island as TripAdvisor says)


Island: San Cristobal

Location: On the waterfront in downtown Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

We mentioned these guys as opening soon back in 2015. Well, they’re still around and they’re still not on Trip Advisor. Ok, technically, these guys do exist on TripAdvisor, but they’re listed under Puerto Ayora instead of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno! There may be another Midori in Puerto Ayora, that apparently has foosball and pool tables, but it seems most reviews on the TA website are for the one in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Depending how you search that website, and which island you are visiting, you might not find them until it is too late.

On the main street, they also offer great sunset views if you get a spot on the second floor. It’s a sushi bar with a bit of a hip vibe to it. If you’re a sushi snob you may find it to be an average place, but considering how novel sushi is in the islands, if you have a craving, this is the place to go.

They also serve up salads and a small-ish, but good fish burger, along with other mostly-seafood fare. Drink specials are common here too. They have a well stocked bar, including a nice range of craft beer. Run by the same people who operate Galapagos Planet sushi bar in Puerto Ayora, and Urban Food in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Buffet Dinner at Oasis in the Galapagos

Buffet Dinner at Oasis in the Galapagos


Island: Isabela

Location: A street up from the main square. Turn right down the road towards San Vincente hotel.

Head up towards the street where the Mercado is and turn left. After a few streets you arrive at the unassuming restaurant called Oasis. Run by Jenny and her family, this is the kind of small restaurant you’ll need to check in on ahead of time to make sure they’ll be open. If they are, it will be a tasty meal for you!

Working with local ingredients and family recipes, Jenny serves up filling meals. It is a nice change from the busy “restaurant row” downtown! Overall options can be limited if you’re spending a lot of time on Isabela, so Oasis is worth checking out. Hours and opening dates may vary; so check ahead – Fridays and Saturdays are your best bets for some special local cuisine to be offered.

Nativo Bar and Restaurant in the Galapagos

Nativo Bar and Restaurant in the Galapagos


Island: San Cristobal

Location: On the main street, waterside. Look for the rounded building before the sea lion beach, behind a dive shop.

This place seems to change every year or so, so we can’t guarantee how long the current incarnation called Nativo will last. Historically this place has lived and died by the patronage of the University and volunteer crowds in town.

In terms of waterside drinking and eating, this is as close as it gets in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. If it is a windy day, the waves can crash up and splash onto the outdoor patio here.

That location is what makes this worth a stop. Hamburgers, chicken, sandwiches and simple fare are on offer too. It is often open on Sunday afternoons, when most places are closed, so a Sunday lunch is also sometimes an option here.

With sea lions, sally lightfoot crabs, marine iguanas and lava herons all hanging out in the area here, it is a good spot to settle in and watch some wildlife too. Ignore the tacky marketing efforts and enjoy a decent drink or two at Nativo.

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Margaret Norah
Commented on April 6, 2017 at 6:00 AM

We had 11 nights on San Cristobal in 2014. We had 11 breakfasts there, best value and friendly people.
For dinner we discovered Lucky’s no tourists and good value local food and friendly family run. Hope they are still operating.


    Margaret Norah
    Commented on April 6, 2017 at 6:01 AM

    Forgot to say it was Mi Grande where we ate!


Commented on April 6, 2017 at 10:33 PM

Mi Grande is definitely a good spot for breakfast Margaret! Lucky’s was a very good spot years ago, but has changed quite a bit in recent years.


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