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December 8, 2022
Extra time in the Galapagos? Which Island to Choose…

There is a reason why our 6-day Galapagos Land Tour and our 10-day Galapagos Adventure tour are both so popular. Not just because we think they’re the best land tours in the islands, but they happen to be conveniently packaged to work for people who have either 1-week or 2-weeks of vacation time.

But, we do find a growing number of our travelers can spend a bit more time in the Galapagos. Adding extra hotel nights before or after your trip is quite easy, and we’re happy to add them to any Galakiwi tour. But, where should you stay, and what should you do with your free time?

The View from Tijeretas on San Cristobal

Extra time on San Cristobal Island

This is our home island, where the Galakiwi office is. So we may be slightly biased, but here are some reasons to spend your extra time on this island:

  • Go and explore El Junco Lagoon in the highlands, the biggest lake and freshwater source in the Galapagos
  • Visit the beautiful Puerto Chino beach for some relaxing time
  • Sea Lions galore and many super accessible beaches close to town
  • Take a 360 tour or day trip to Punta Pitt to see red-footed boobies and other animals
  • Take a day tour to Espanola Island from San Cristobal
The Stunning Beach at Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz

Extra time on Santa Cruz Island

The biggest town in the Galapagos is Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz. It’s bigger than you’d likely expect, and is a bit of a shock for some visitors, it also means you likely won’t get bored if you like to be where the “action” is.

  • Biggest town, so the biggest variety of shops, restaurants, night clubs to experience
  • Charles Darwin Research Station is close by, if you want to spend more time there
  • Day trips to islands such as Sante Fe, North Seymour and Bartolome
  • Attractions like Las Grietas and Los Gemelos 
Approaching the Wall of Tears on Isabela Island

Extra time on Isabela Island

The biggest island in the Galapagos, yet the town is small. Just the right vibe for those who prefer quiet beach time, or a more traditional island experience.

  • Huge, beautiful beach right in the middle of town
  • Lagoons and mangroves near town, make it easy to see marine iguanas and flamingoes
  • “Chill” vibe with interesting sites like the Wall of Tears
  • Great hotels right on the beach
  • Good mix of snorkel, bike and hike options
The Unique, and Quiet, Black Sand Beach on Floreana Island

Extra time on Floreana Island

Worth the effort, but not as easy to get to. If you’re into the history and culture side of the Galapagos Islands, consider spending more time here.

  • The first inhabited island of the Galapagos, but fewer than 200 people live here
  • Great if you seek seclusion and serenity
  • Some nice hiking trails and snorkel options not far from town, including the pirate caves
  • Likely won’t see many, or any, other tourists staying on the island

What do you think? Where would you like to stay before or after your Galakiwi tour in the Galapagos? Contact us to chat about options!

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