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March 26, 2024
12 Unique Things to Do on a Galapagos Land Tour
Galapagos Scenery

Are you an adventure junky? Do you love wildlife?

A Galakiwi land tour in the Galapagos keeps you busy hiking, biking, snorkeling and exploring the islands. We also show you the amazing wildlife that can only be found here. We don’t do cruises here, so when you are hungry, we take you to the best restaurants in the Galapagos. When you are tired, you stay in fun, local family-run hotels.

A Galapagos land tour with Galakiwi allows you the freedom to explore the islands in a different way, while benefiting the local economy and learning about the important conservation efforts being done to ensure the islands remain the wildlife paradise they are today.

What would you most want to experience on a Galakiwi land tour in the Galapagos? 

12 – Learn about Lonesome George & Conservation in the Galapagos

Lonesome George Exhibit in the Galapagos

Lonesome George Exhibit in the Galapagos

A famous symbol of the Galapagos, when Lonesome George died recently, his species of tortoise went extinct. Learn about the current conservation efforts in the Galapagos and what you can do to help make sure the islands stay as pristine as possible!

11 – Sleep in Small-Family Run Hotels

Small Hotels, Big Charm!

Small Hotels, Big Charm!

There is no better way to understand a place you visit than to chat with the locals! Stay in small-family run hotels and meet the interesting people that call the Galapagos home, without worrying about getting seasick on a rocking boat.

10 – Hike up an Active Volcano on Isabela Island

Success! On top of a Galapagos Volcano.

Success! On top of a Galapagos Volcano.

Sierra Negra volcano and Volcan Chico are highlights for anyone who loves hiking. Strange colours, stunning views and the chance to see some special Galapagos animals such as vermilion flycatchers, Galapagos hawks or land iguanas. One of the longest hikes available in the Galapagos!

9 – Enjoy some Traditional Ecuadorian Food


Llapingachos – A classic meal from Ecuador

Llapingachos, frittada and bolones are a few of the foods you can enjoy around the Galapagos. We also know where you can get some special crispy rice dishes, or the best fresh tuna steaks or coconut lobster. Don’t want the traditional? If you prefer pizza, sushi or a burger you’ll be surprised what you can find in the Galapagos!

8 – Snorkel or Dive with a Shiver of Sharks

Friendly Galapagos Sharks

Friendly Galapagos Sharks!

Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos Sharks, and reef sharks are abundant in the Galapagos Islands. Some of the places we snorkel and dive are deep water sites, where you can spot shivers of sharks! (You did know a group of sharks is called a shiver, right?)

7 – Go for a Sunrise Walk, or a Sunset Drink

Marine Iguana at Sunset

Marine Iguana at Sunset – Can’t get this photo on a Galapagos Cruise!

Freedom! Since you’re not stuck on a cruise ship for 12+ hours a day, you can stick to your morning yoga/running routine, or evening reading/sundowner routine. How does an early morning paddle board session sound? Or perhaps you’d rather sleep in a bit, or go to bed early. The choice, and freedom, is yours.

6 – Kayak with Penguins

Galapagos Penguin

Yes, Penguins really are in the Galapagos Islands!

How many people do you know can say they have gone kayaking with penguins? The world’s most northern penguin species is often hanging out around Puerto Villamil, where we like to do some kayaking in the bay. Who wants a penguin selfie!?

5 – SUP & Swim with Sea Lions

Sea Lion SUP

What’s SUP Sea Lion?

If penguins aren’t your thing, how about curious sea lions? The juveniles are especially inquisitive and love checking out swimmers. Of course, sometimes they just want a free ride and may even jump up on your SUP if you leave it unattended!

4 – Travel with the Best Galapagos Guides

Galapagos Naturalist Guides

The Best Galapagos Naturalist Guides work with Galakiwi

There was a time when people thought the best guides were on cruise ships in the Galapagos. We know that isn’t true, as Galakiwi has an amazing team of Galapagos Naturalist Guides who happen to also be great storytellers, bring the history and nature of the Galapagos to life. In fact, one of our guides recently received the Top Conservation Guide in the World award!

3 – See Giant Tortoises in the Wild

Hungry Hungry Tortoise

A Hungry Hungry Tortoise!

Do you know the difference between turtles and tortoises? If not, come to the Galapagos to find out! The Galapagos Is famous for being home to the Giant Tortoises, which can live well over 100 years, and adapted differently on each island they’re found. You can see them on every island we visit, including wild tortoises on Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands!

2 – Bike through the Lush Highlands

Galapagos Biking

Who wants to go for a ride?

Did you know the Galapagos highlands are a lush, green and somewhat tropical climate? Many fruits can be grown in the highlands, which are home to many different species than what you see along the coastlines. The best way to explore the highlands? By bike of course! You might even get to stop at an organic coffee farm!

1 – Photograph Iguanas, Boobies and More!

Blue-Footed Booby

The iconic Blue-Footed Booby

Wildlife everywhere. Blue-footed boobies, lava lizards, marine iguanas and so many more unique creatures are found in the Galapagos. Many of them are endemic, found nowhere else! Every day your Galakiwi adventure tour gives you time to see and photograph these strange animals. Just remember to hashtag #galakiwi when you post them on Instagram!

Did you know? By taking a 10-day Galapagos land tour with Galakiwi, you are supporting as many as 20 different families in the Galapagos Islands? From family-run hotels to your private guide, from restaurant owners to your boat transfers, you’re supporting local families and communities in the Galapagos! Thank you!

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