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Tour: Napo Wildlife Center & Amazon Ecolodge

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CURRENCY, BILLS & ATM’S – The currency in Ecuador and the Amazon is US Dollars. There are ATM’s in Quito, but it is best to carry cash into Amazon. The Lodge can also accept credit card payment for extra services.

BUDGET – All meals in the Amazon are included, however you may want some extra snacks or drinks such as sodas and beer. An emergency stash of cash is always a good idea – we recommend at least $100. All that’s left is souvenir money and a tip if you choose to leave one.

TIPPING – 10% is the typical tip in restaurants and is usually included in your bill as a service charge. For drivers, helpers, and crew during your trip, $5-10 a day is customary and included in your tour price. For your leader, $8-12 per day per person is the norm. Tipping is in no way required and entirely at your discretion. It is however of great significance to those who have helped make your tour a success and a great way to express your appreciation for a job well done.     

Group Leader & On-site Support

All of our Napo Wildlife Center trips are led by experienced guides hired and trained at the lodge. Your naturalist guides and local guides will have a wealth of information about the Amazon and its flora and fauna. All naturalist guides are bilingual and speak English and Spanish. There is also on-site support in Quito and in the Amazon, at the lodge should you need any assistance for any reason.

Your Responsibilities & Fellow Travelers

Being punctual by adhering to meeting times set out by your guide is an important part of ensuring everyone gets the best travel experience. Spending many days with fellow travelers from around the world can be exciting and dynamic. At times, it can be a challenge.  For the best possible trip, it is important that all passengers adhere to meeting times as a common courtesy. With a small effort on your part and some patience on behalf of your fellow travelers, we are certain that the tour will be enjoyable for all.   

Travel Documents & Visas

In order to enter Ecuador and the Amazon, you must have a valid passport with more than 6 months validity. You may also need a visa or immunizations depending on your home country. Contact your local embassy or consulate for the most up to date travel requirements. Please talk with your family doctor or visit a travel clinic at home. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE PROPER TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of all important documents with you.

Tip: Even better is to take a picture or scan important documents in an email to yourself (passport, airline ticket, etc.). 

Travel Insurance

Bags get lost.  Flights get delayed. And the unexpected, well you get the picture. Things happen. Travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your investment should a misfortune occur. There are several to choose from and not as expensive as you may think. Between 5 and 15 dollars a day will give you peace of mind before and during your trip. 

Visit our travel insurance webpage for more information.

Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Service

There is cell phone reception, and internet service (for a fee) available at Napo Wildlife Center. With that said, sometimes the service is very slow or may be down for hours at a time, so keep this in mind. Visiting the Amazon is a great opportunity for a digital detox!


Purse-snatchers and pickpockets love to prey on the unsuspecting and obvious tourist.  It is best to leave your valuables, extra cash, and passport in room or hotel safe as a precaution, especially in Quito, Ecuador. Please visit website for more information.


Safety is our first and foremost concern on all of our tours. However, participation in any and all activities is at your own risk. This is an adventurous tour in nature with a variety of activities that carry their own inherent risk. Always stick with the group during scheduled activities.

Altitude Sickness

The best way to adjust to altitude is to arrive early and let your body acclimatize. If you plan to spend extra time in Quito or the Andes, it can take 2 days for your body to adjust before taking part in any trekking or strenuous activities. Eat many small meals and avoid alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is very important at altitude. Altitude sickness may cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, insomnia and loss of appetite. Being in “great shape” has no impact on how you’ll be impacted by altitude. If you are concerned about how the altitude may affect you, talk to your doctor before departing on your trip.

Age Restrictions

There is no minimum age for visiting Napo Wildlife Center. We also occasionally require medical forms to be completed by doctors for travelers with pre-existing conditions or those that may be over 65 years of age. We evaluate every trip and booking individually, so please contact us if you have any concerns.

Amazon Weather

You can expect equal parts rain and sunshine during your time in the Amazon. The temperatures and rainfall remains pretty steady throughout the year, so there is no “best time” to visit.

Rubber boots and a poncho are provided for all visitors. You can expect extreme humidity and rain in the Amazon, so bring along plastic bags or camera dry bags to take precautions with camera gear and electronics. Extra socks and waterproof, breathable clothing are essential items to enjoying your Amazon stay. A Gore-Tex or similar jacket is recommended.

Quick-drying clothing is suggested and dark-color long-sleeve shirts and pants are preferred (bright colors can attract unwanted insects). Natural (non-DEET) bugspray, as well as sunscreen and a sun hat are required. Waterproof binoculars are a great asset for spotting elusive wildlife and a headlamp, with extra batteries is essential.

Air temperature:
Year round average at the Lodge is 82°F / 28°C with nights being slightly cooler.

Andes Weather

Weather in Quito and the Andes will be much different than what you encounter in the Amazon. In the Andes it can get quite cool in the temperate forest climate at night. Be sure to pack layers to allow for a wide range of temperature changes from day to night.

Air Temperature:
Oct to April Andes Air Temperature (40-75°F, 4-24°C)
May to Sept Andes Air Temperature (30-70°F, 0-21°C)  

Oct to April Andes Rainfall (8-18 rainy days/month)
May to Sept Andes Rainfall (2-7 rainy days/month)  

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